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Emotional Detox Program

Emotional Management Equals Life Management

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Emotional Management for Working Professionals

Enhancing Self-Confidence...Self-Esteem...and Self-Compassion in the Work Place!

How is the emotional health of your employees? Have you taken time to invest in a health and wellness program to help your employees deal with emotional stress, trauma and life changing events? Emotional health is crucial for employees well being, engagement, productivity, and innovation. Studies show that positive emotions can increase employees' resilience, motivation engagement, and performance by up to 30%. In addition, 38% of wellness program participants said it helped them take fewer sick days. 


In the challenging times of going through a pandemic, rising cost for the necessities of living, financial strain, and work pressure, NOW is the time to invest in your employees and help them thrive emotionally.  Our vision is to create a world where individuals and working professionals are free from emotional baggage that could be holding them back from experiencing joy, peace and purpose.  Emotional stress can have negative impacts on employees mental health, physical health and work performance. 


Emotional health is the ability to cope with stress, express emotions appropriately, and maintain a positive outlook on life. Reducing your employees emotional fatigue, stress levels, anxiety, depression, and burnout will enhance their self-confidence, self-esteem, and self-compassion. Our Emotional Detox Program provides the following services to companies and organizations:

  • Emotional Detox Workshop

  • Emotional Detox Online Course Program 

  • Emotional Detox One-On-One Coaching

  • Keynote Speaking

Join the 30-Day Emotional Detox Challenge

Join Rose Ciconta, Co-Host of the Loveseat Podcast, for the 30-Day Emotional Detox Challenge.  It's time for us to be sensitive to those triggers that can cause emotional toxins, and be strong enough to confront them. Take 30-Days to cultivate healing and restoration from those bad habits, addictions and old way of thinking that is holding you back from the freedom, love and victory that you so deserve. 

Book Launch 2024- The Power of Detoxing Emotionally. Your Spiritual Guide to Emotional Freedom

Join The 30-Day Challenge

It's Time to Invest in YOU...Start Detoxing Emotionally!


Learn More About The Program

What is Emotional Detox and What are the Benefits of Detoxing Emotionally? Emotional Detox is emotional cleansing and/or emotional purification to achieve emotional health and well being.

Emotional health is the ability to handle stress, express emotions appropriately, and maintain a positive outlook on life.

The benefits of detoxing emotionally are:
Enhancing mental clarity
Increasing emotional resilience 
Cultivating empathy for the emotions of others


Contact us today to receive detailed information on how you can bring the Emotional Detox Program to your company and/or organization.

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