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Live Life on The Promise of IMPACT!

Your well-being is my ultimate concern. You do not have to stay in a place of brokenness. Today, you can make a choice to say yes to you. You, that has the ability to be restored. You, that deserves settlement. You, that turns shame and guilt into purpose and power. Brokenness can bring on unnecessary pressure. I remember a time when I had to wear a heart monitor. I thought something was wrong with my heart.  Turns out, my heart was great, I just needed to let go of disappointment, unforgiveness, and brokenness. You have a destination and it is intentional. You are not here by accident.  Not only is my purpose to help bring you closer in your relationship with God, but also help you not be co-dependent to the behavior and issues of others.

Check out my amazing services below and let's connect TODAY!

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30-Day Emotional Detox Program

Quality Care

When is the last time you detoxed emotionally? Life has a way of causing us to carry hurt, unforgiveness, stress, guilt, and grief. If not careful, we can allow those emotional toxins to hinder our growth. In this 30-Day self guided emotional detox program, I lay out for you exactly what I did in order to rid myself of emotional toxins and thrive. Start your Emotional Detox today!

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Individual Sessions

Stress Management Coaching

Life has a way of causing us to carry hurt, unforgiveness, shame, brokenness and fear. If not careful, we can allow those emotional toxins to cause stress in out lives. Staying in a stressful state too long can affect your way of thinking. It will make you believe that you are not good enough, you are not gifted enough, and that it's too late for you. Well, it's not too late! I would love to be your coach and help you start living life on the promise of IMPACT! 

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Perfect Patty Messed Up

40-Day Program

We all make mistakes.  However, we can learn how to move forward gracefully.  All is NOT lost. For those of you who struggle with perfectionism, I provide either individual or group sessions to go through my 40 Day Devotional, Perfect Patty Messed Up! In this 40-Day program you will learn the power of forgiveness, lessons you learned in your mistakes, and taking ownership of the authentic you! It's time to show up for you, no matter the mistakes you have made! 

Keynote Speaker

Women's Retreats and Conferences

As a keynote speaker, I take the time to pray, prepare, and craft a speech that will challenge your audience and make a lasting impact. My ability to connect with others and share my story with transparency makes me a highly sought after change agent. If you are looking for a speaker that will help take your event or conference to the next level, be sure to connect with me.

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Workshop Facilitator

Equipping Women Who Are Broken

Ready to relieve stress with others? Do you find encouragement working together in a group? In my group session, I will help you “re-frame” your reactions and provide you with valuable tools to cope with life’s obstacles. I provide various workshops such as Be the Author of Your Joy Story, The Danger of Faking it Until You Make it, and The Power of Detoxing Emotionally. Each workshop is about two hours.  More intense workshops are four hours. They can be done in one setting or broken up into multiple days. The workshops are interactive and life changing. Women leave with more serenity, stability and harmony in their lives.

Christian Mediation

Here For You

Sometimes it may not feel that there is light at the end of the tunnel, but there is. Maybe you need a mediator to help walk you through solutions. My degree form Regent University with a M.A. in Law (Mediation and Dispute Resolution) has equipped me to use a Christian approach in helping to resolve conflict either personal or professional. Get in touch to book an appointment.

Psychologist Session
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