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Useful Resources

At the Tip of Your Fingers

Providing resources to help you alleviate stress is my number one priority. By working with me and utilizing these resources, you can develop your emotional resilience so you're better able to cope with whatever life brings. So often it's not the event itself that's stressful, but our reaction to it. I hope you find these resources valuable to you. Remember, we are in this together.

Perfect Patty Messed Up Devotional

Join Carenda Deonne on this journey of healing.  In this 40-Day devotional you will learn how to forgive yourself, embrace your limitations, and move forward gracefully. Purchase your must have devotional on


33 Helpful Tips on Alleviating Stress

Keeping a list close by that helps you alleviate stress is a game changer. Many of the items on the list I have done myself, and they work. Be sure to print your list and keep it close to your heart.

Attentive Therapist

The Power of Speaking Affirmations

Carenda Deonne is a firm believer that one way to alleviate stress is speaking affirmations daily. Download your must have Personal Affirmation and start alleviating stress today.

A Woman Writing by the Window

P.H.S. Women's Group

Prospering Healthy Souls is a monthly meeting for professional women who desire to prosper in all things from the inside out lacking nothing. This women's group was founded upon 3 John 2.  Each meeting consists of an inspirational message from Carenda Deonne, business and marketing strategies, testimonials, and a P.H.S. member spotlight showcase.  Membership is FREE. Meetings are conducted the fourth Thursday of every month (excluding July and August) at 7pm EST via Zoom. Join today.

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