Are You a Startup Business Ready to Grow Your Product or Service?

Jump Start Your Business Today With My 4 Week Marketing Class!

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Are you starting a new business? Are you not sure where to begin? This class is for you.  Carenda is launching a four week online marketing class for start ups.  Carenda is positioned to help start ups build a solid foundation in order to continue their growth in marketing and branding.  Each class will be interactive with application, along with resources, affirmations and tools you can start using day one! Carenda is ready to share her expertise with you! 


Session One: Marketing 101

Session Two: Determining, Defining and Discovering Your Target Market

Session Three: How to Build Your Marketing Matrix

Session Four: Promotional Strategy and Media Exposure


Additional Services:

1. Elite Sponsorship Master List if you are in need of sponsors.

2. One on One Consulting (Marketing Assessment and Marketing Matrix).

3. HARO (Help a Reporter Out) Training and Templates .

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