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Some call her sunshine, some call her diva, and others call her their #1 change agent. Carenda Deonne is Founder of Carenda Deonne LLC. Carenda is a HR professional, author, keynote speaker, workshop facilitator, consultant, and TV personality. Carenda is an expert in helping individuals and corporations alleviate stress through detoxing emotionally. Carenda has been encouraging individuals in their purpose for over eighteen years. Carenda has worked with local and federal government as well as seven plus years in Human Resources. In addition, Carenda received her BS Degree in Marketing from FIT, and her M.A. in Law Degree (Alternative Dispute Resolution) from Regent University.

One of Carenda's personal favorite quotes is, "If your shoes are untied you will trip, if they stay untied you will fall. Don't be your own stumbling block." Carenda has been helping individuals and working professionals thrive through life's most complex and difficult matters through her book, Perfect Patty Messed Up, coaching, workshops. self-development courses, and key-note speaking. 


In addition to being a licensed minister, member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Inc., author of two books (Soul of a Poet and Perfect Patty Messed Up Devotional), contributing author for The Wait to Success, and contributing writer for Grace & Glory Magazine and Insight Magazine, she is a certified stress management coach. All of her programs, sessions, and techniques decrease stress and increase serenity, stability and harmony. She is working on her next book, The Power of Detoxing Emotionally- How to Improve Your Mental Health and Productivity, which is scheduled to launch Fall 2024. Carenda Deonne is the recipient of A Lady of Influence Inc. Award of Excellence, does monthly TV appearances on WCCB- The CW (Charlotte, NC), and Co-Hosts Insight Talk on IG.


Carenda loves the arts, music and sports. (Go Ravens!) She loves eating good food, watching wrestling, and spending time with family. In her free time, she also enjoys boxing, hosting two podcasts, The Loveseat and Preacher Girls, and writing poetry.  In addition to the impact Carenda Deonne is making in the lives of others, community service and giving back is also an important initiative of Carenda Deonne LLC.  Woman With Vision is the official charitable partner of Carenda Deonne LLC. 

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