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Some call me sunshine, some call me diva, and others call me their #1 change agent. I'm just a down to earth girl, from Baltimore, MD who loves the Lord and loves life. Trust me, I have been through a lot. In this thing we call life, I have experienced divorces, broken relationships, grief, financial hardships, and health challenges just to name a few, but I'm still standing.  In spite of all that I have been through, I know that Jesus loves me. Yes, I am proud that I received my BS Degree in Marketing from FIT, and my M.A. in Law Degree (Alternative Dispute Resolution) from Regent University, but more importantly , I am glad that I am saved and answered the call of ministry on my life.  

When I was a Pastor's Wife, that is when God confirmed my ability to naturally connect with women and provide wisdom and insight to those dealing with challenging life experiences. I love teaching and preaching God's word, and I am grateful for the many women whose lives are transformed because I said yes to my assignment. I have witnessed on multiple occasions God using me to heal and speak prophetically into the lives of women. I take my call seriously, and I know I carry an aroma of God's presence and power on my life.  I go above and beyond to help women pioneer through their obstacles. One of my personal favorite quotes is, "If your shoes are untied you will trip, if they stay untied you will fall. Don't be your own stumbling block."

In addition to being a licensed minister, member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Inc., author of three books (Soul of a Poet and Perfect Patty Messed Up Devotional), contributing author for The Wait to Success, and contributing writer for Grace & Glory Magazine and Insight Magazine, I am a certified stress management coach, and  founder of The Loveseat Podcast.  This monthly podcast talks about life, love and everything in between. We encourage women to keep their heart up no matter their situation. I love the arts, music and sports. (Go Ravens!) I love eating good food, watching wrestling, and spending time with family. Currently, I reside in NC, but will travel near and far to proclaim God's word to His sons and daughters, and empower women on the importance of  detoxing emotionally. In addition to the impact I am making in the lives of others, community service and giving back is also an important initiative of my life.  Woman With Vision is the official charitable partner of Carenda Deonne LLC.  Click Here for Carenda Deonne's One Sheeter