Finding Joy Corporate Workshop

Finding joy is not always easy. It is imperative that employers take time to pour back into their staff. The truth is, so many employees are overwhelmed, overworked and overlooked. This workshop rejuvenates them to find joy in the good and the challenging. Carenda Deonne will empower your employees personally and professionally to be the best they can be. At the end of this workshop, you will see the joy in the faces and an impact in your employees performance. This 45min workshop which includes application, participation and Q&A will not only leave your employees dancing, but ready to take their work ethic to the next level!  If you are looking for a workshop to inspire and empower your staff, the finding joy corporate workshop is for you.

(Inspirational Speaker/Author/Change Agent)

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"Thank you. Thank you. Thank you! Your presentation was awesome. You really lifted us up and made us think. I appreciate your willingness to share your joy with us."



Amanda B. Jackson- Library Director-Chesapeake, VA

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