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What is a Stress Management Coach?

A Stress Management Coach is someone who not only challenges a person to bring structure back into their life, but also challenges him/her to take control of their legacy.  A Stress Management Coach listens to discover what the main stressors are that someone has, and walks them through the stress storm. A Stress Management Coach will also help you to identify what stress in your life is positive. They not only help to raise your serotonin, but also make certain you are replacing bad habits with good habits in order to cope with stress in a healthy way.

Are you a Certified Coach?

Yes, I am a certified life life coach through an accredited ICF program (The Say Life Coaching Institute) and I have received my certificate of Stress Management Coaching Certification through CGRSC (Get Results Coaching Academy- Louise Ann Maurice).

How is your Stress Management Coaching Structured?

All of my clients will start with the Stress Management Assessment.  This is valuable to see where you are in handling stress, and serves as a benchmark as we continue in our sessions.  All clients will go through the Stress Less Starting NOW Program either individually, or in a group session. After clients have completed the Stress Less Starting NOW Program they will retake the Stress Management Assessment.  Afterwards, we will discuss if more intense coaching is needed. If so, clients will be enrolled in the Stress Management NOW Coaching System.

What is your coaching style for stress management?

My coaching style is welcoming, calming and free spirited. You have the liberty to laugh, talk, scream, or cry. Your session with me is a safe place. As your stress management coach, I will help you understand the nature of stress, identify their triggers, and put an actionable plan in place that you can start implementing immediately. I deal with the physical, mental and emotional impact of stress and challenge you to start replacing bad habits with good habits in order to feel better, think better and act better. I will also help to bring structure in your life and increase the output of your serotonin levels.  I will use wisdom, certified training and intuition in order to master the four strategies for coping with stress which are: avoid, alter, accept and adapt. All of my sessions are designed to decrease stress and increase serenity, stability and harmony.

What certified stress management program do you use?

Stress Management NOW Coaching System Developed by Louise Ann Maurice from Get Results Coach Academy.

How do I get started?

Getting started is easy. Schedule your 15min FREE Consultation so we can discuss your needs, concerns, and goals. You can also email or call 888-473-2221. After our consultation, I will follow-up with a tentative coaching plan and schedule.

How long is your coaching program?

Clients will either work with me for eight weeks or sixteen weeks.

How long is your Corporate Workplace Wellness Program?

This program can either be a full 8 hour session, or split into two days 4 hour sessions.

Do I have to take the Stress Management Assessment to work with you?

Yes, all of my clients must take the Stress Management Assessment before enrolling into the Stress Less Starting NOW 8 week program, or the Stress Management Coaching 8 week program.

How long before I see results?

My Stress Management Coaching Program is designed for you to start seeing results on Day One. However, results will vary based on your level of commitment and consistency to the program.

Do you take insurance?

Currently, Carenda Deonne LLC does not accept insurance.

What are your fees?

Please contact me regarding fees for services, and or speaking engagements.

What form of payment do you accept?

All major credit cards are accepted, as well as checks. Payment plans are also accepted, with approval.

What is your cancellation policy?

Your appointment time is reserved exclusively for you. A minimum of 24 hours notice is required to cancel your appointment. If you do not cancel your appointment at least 24 hours ahead of time or do not show for your appointment, you will be charged for the cost of service.

What is Serotonin?

A compound present in blood platelets and serum, which constricts the blood vessels and acts as a neurotransmitter. Serotonin is a chemical that carries messages between nerve cells in the brain and throughout your body. Serotonin plays a key role in such body functions as mood, sleep, digestion, nausea, wound healing, bone health, blood clotting and sexual desire.

Why is increasing the output of your serotonin levels important?

When serotonin is at normal levels, you feel more focused, emotionally stable, happier and calmer. Low levels of serotonin are associated with depression.

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